Kitchen Gadgets

Every year Santa always gets me a few kitchen gadgets. I thought I would share a few of the ones I got this year since I thought they were pretty neat and cute.

The first one is a mushroom brush. It does what it says, but it is supppper cute. It also works a lot better than wiping the mushrooms off with a paper towel

Second is a garlic chopper. I have one that looks like a bulb of garlic that you just twist by hand, but I use it so often I got a big old crack in it. So my parents bought me this one.

You put the garlic in the top and then just roll it on the counter and that moves the blade inside which then chops the garlic. I used it yesterday and it worked pretty well.

Third are Silicon grips. I do own oven mitts, but sometimes having something like this close at hand is nice. It beats using a spoon to move the oven racks out when I am too lazy to get my oven mitt out..LOL I like the fact that they are easy to clean, since I am messy

And last but not least is this jar opener thingy. It is suppose to give you more of a grip when opening jars.....

And it worked!

I also got a lovely surprise in the mail yesterday!

I had won a giveaway over at during the blog hop party back in December.
Leslie had a very generous heart and had more than one prize to give way. I picked this lovely read combo since I am working on a red project for February. It also came with two very neat patterns that I hope to try out real soon.
Thank you once again Leslie!!!


  1. Nice little gadgets :o) I have a jar opener something like that one :o) I use it to open my Diet Coke :o)

  2. Great gadgets.
    And very nice red bundle. I look forward to seeing this project grow.

  3. I love to hear that kitchen gadgets do what they are supposed to do! I have to say I have a garlic press from the pampered chef and I L O V E it!! It is the best EVER!! you do not have to peel your garlic just put it in there and press!! I will never be without it!! I thought the first pic was those perfect egg things at first! Have you seen those! They make me laugh!!

  4. Those are some great kitchen gadgets! I just love kitchen gadgets. We just got one of those garlic choppers that is shaped like a head of garlic. It definitely saves me a lot of time!

    Pretty fabric!

  5. Nice win! Aren't contests just so much fun!

  6. I love that jar opening thingy, I have one but it puts tooth marks in the jar so you can't resue the lids for jam which is annoying - this would solve that problem no worries.

  7. Liz- It left the lid mark free for sure. YOu should give one a try :)

  8. I have those same silicon grips and LOVE THEM!


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