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Well I must say that nothing has really come out of my kitchen in the past week. Last Thursday we ate in the city since it was my mother birthday. Friday I made steak, Saturday we had company and it was Ukrainian Christmas so we were in the city at my parents. Sunday we just had left over’s from Saturday that I brought home with me. Monday we had pork chops in tomato sauce. Tuesday we ate in the city again. Wednesday we had pork loin in a mushroom cream sauce and today we are going to be in the city again. So as you can see not a lot was going on in my kitchen this week. However, it sure is dirty, not sure how that works!

On Saturday my mother sent home 3 beefsteak tomatoes that she had got from a lady at her work. I guess somehow a create fell off a truck and they took the tomatoes instead of letting them go to waste. It sounds like a fishy story and you expect a few winks after you hear that they fell off a truck. However, I guess it does really happen some times. As you can see the tomatoes were huge.

This is the only one left. I used its two buddies to make a fresh tomato sauce for my pork chops on Monday.
I forgot to take a picture before we ate it all, but this is the recipe for the sauce anyhow.

Pork chops in Fresh Tomato Sauce
2 pork chops
6 roma tomatoes or two beefsteaks
2 cloves of garlic
2tbps olive oil
¼ c red wine
1 small onion
6 white mushrooms sliced
1/4c heavy cream
In a hot skillet heat oil and brown pork chops on both sides and remove from heat. Add onions and wine to skillet and deglaze. Cook for 3 mins or until tender. Add mushroom and garlic and cook for another 3 mins.
Meanwhile blanch tomatoes to remove skins, core, chop and then add to onion mushroom mixture. Cook tomatoes for 15mins or until tender and sauce has thickened.
Add cream and stir into mixture until heated throughout.
Add pork back to sauce and cook for another 5 mins or until no longer pink
Serve with your choice of pasta or polenta,

I hope you enjoy and in case you are thinking wow they eat a lot of pork. Costco didn’t have any chicken when we went last week and we were beefed out after last pork it is.

Make sure you head over to Robin’s blog The Gardener Of Eden and check out what is going on in her kitchen as well as other kitchens from around the globe.


  1. Oh, this sounds great! I'll have to give it a try. I will have to use some canned tomatoes though.

  2. Sounds delicious!!Thanks for sharing. I found a local source for pork chops in our area. I will have to get some and give this a try.

  3. Copied that one. WE eat a lot of pork and am always looking for a new way to cook it.

    BTW I posted on today's post that Basil compound butter recipe.

  4. my sister got bread over the holidays that fell off of a truck! It was then donated to a local food bank, but can you believe that becaue it was not cut bread they would not accept it!!! crazy

  5. Stoney Acres- Thank you. It sure is nice being able to buy meat locally vs store bought. We raise our own beef, dairy cows and I am thinking about buying a pig and a few chickens to raise and butcher..or at least buy them from another local farmer.

    Wilderness- I am glad to hear it is something you both can try! I will go and check out your post asap to get your basil butter recipe!

  6. I know what you mean about the pork. We have a freezer full of chicken breasts because our local grocery runs a sale about once a month- $1 a lb. bone-in chicken breasts. I stock up quite often!
    As a side note, when visiting my son and daughter in law in the valley of California, I saw a truckload of tomatoes overturned on the highway. It was quite a sight!

  7. My kitchen varies from dirty to a complete an absolute disgrace (actually my whole house does)and it never ceases to amaze me how much mess can be created in the brief moments between waking and leaving the house in the morning....

  8. I like to make extra for my freezer. Will this recipe freeze well? Can I leave out the cream and add during reheating?


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