Garden Fever

With all the sewing I have been doing I feel like I have been ignoring my garden. Granted it is under a good 3 feet of snow and with the last fall frost of 2012 predicated as being May 21st I am not behind by any means. Well at least I don’t think that I am! Also it looks like most of my seeds only need to be started in April, so I think I am all good. However, with all my gardening buddies posting about their garden plans and seed lists I feel like I need to be doing something garden related. So when my seed catalogues came in the mail yesterday I though okay let’s get r done...LOL

I have posted what I would like to plant before, however this time I am getting more specific and posting exactly which varieties I will be buying as well as the listed days till maturity. The ones that I plan to start indoors are going to have an “I” beside them, Items I wish to do succession planting with have an “S” and any Heirloom varieties will have an “H”. Anything new the garden this year is going to get an “N”. This year I have omitted Corn, green and purple beans from the garden. Strawberries and Raspberries are already in the garden and will hopefully come back this spring. I will also be adding a built-in herb garden, but more on that later.

I am going to be doing up a spreadsheet with all of this too, but I think this will be easier to share...maybe

Asparagus- Mary Washington (I have some in the front flower bed, but I never remember to use it and it just becomes a bush)
Artichoke- Green Globe 115 I N
Broad Beans- Fava- Broad Windsor 65 days N
Edamame- Besweet 292 85 days N
Beet- Detroit Dark Red 60 days
Beet Touchstone Gold 55 days N
Broccoli- Goliath Hybrid 76 days I S
Brussels Sprouts- Catskill Improved 85 days I N
Cabbage- Mulitkeeper Hybrid 86 days I N
Cabbage- Stonhead Hybrid 67 days I
Pak Choi Hybrid- 45 days N
Cantaloupes- Earlisweet Hybrid 68 days I N
Carrots Danvers Half Long 65 days H
Carrots Rainbow hybrid 70 days I N S
Cauliflower- Snow crown Hybrid 48 days S
Cucumbers- National Pickling 54 days
Eggplant- Epic Hybrid 61 days N
Garlic- White
Kohlrabi- Early White Vienna 55 days S
Leeks- Large Mussleburge 90 days I
Lettuce- Bon Vivant mix 30 days S
Onions (sets) Ailsa Craig Exhibition 70 days
Onions (sets) Red 70 days
Onions- Crystal Wax pickling 70 days N
Onions- Perennial Bunching 70 days N
Pea- Little Marvel 65 days S
Peppers- Hungarian Yellow Sweet 75 days I N
Potato- Yukon Gold 80+ days
Potato- Russian Blue 90+days N
Potato- Pontiac 90+days
Radish- Easter Egg Blend 25 days
Radish – Round Black Spanish 55 days H N
Radish- Gourmet Mix 30 days N
Rutabaga- Laurentian 90 days H I N
Spinach Tyee Hybrid 42days I S
Squash- Butternut 82 days N
Squash- Acorn 80 days N
Squash Spaghetti 70 days N
Squash- Zucchini- Black Beauty- 60 days
Sunflowers- Raw Edible 95 days S
Tomato – Roma- Mamma Mia Hybrid 60 days
Tomato- Big Beef Hybrid 70days N
Tomato- Early Girl Hybrid 55 N
Tomato- Brandywine 80 days N (not sure on this one...since I think it may just be like the big beef)
Tomato- Sweet 100 Hybrid 60days

I am not sure if I am going to grow my own tomatoes from seed or just buy plants from the store. Roma is my go to tomato for everything. I use it in all my sauces, salsa, salads and just fresh cut. If any one has any other suggestions for a tomato that is good to can let me know.

The only veggies I cannot seem to find this year are Sweet Potatoes and Fingerling Potatoes.

If anyone has any suggestions on something I should grow that I don’t have listed just let me know.

Now I just have to actually make a garden plan. Normally this would be easy as each item listed above would get its own row. However, this year I am going to plant North-South instead of East-West so it is going to take a bit more planning. I also need to get some trellis ideas going so that my father can start making them.

I just thought I would end with a picture of the little seed starter I picked up last week. I don't  know how well it is going to work, but I thought it was worth a try.

That is all for now


  1. Goodness you are planting a lot of veggies. Do you do all the weeding too??

    My mom plants flowers. She is already drooling over the flower catelogues and I am sure has placed an order (or 10).

  2. I got tired just reading the must have a lot of ground and energy :o)

  3. You do carrots and potatoes... why not parsnips?? I use them in mashed potatoes, stews, and they are yummy, filling and good for you!! (bonus I finally got my family in on them, too!!)

  4. Oh, I have used smaller seed starters and they are great... as long as you remember to move the plants to something else when they get big enough! My bad!! LOL

  5. I'm growing windsor fava beans too. I tried them for the first time last year and fell in love. This year I have plans for more.

  6. Wow! I have garden envy. Maybe I should put together a dream plot this year since dreaming is as close as I can get :)

    I've used the jiffy system before. Worked really well. For bigger seeds (zucchini, squash, cucumber, etc) you may want to get the bigger size ones. I didn't so you don't need to, but with the standard size ones you'll want to plant them into small pots fairly quickly (within about a week from memory) after they've germinated.

  7. You use sweet potato sprouts and let them grow about 12" long and plant the vines.

    Select a sweet potato that has some sprouts (tiny nodes) already showing.

    Place the sweet potato in a large glass of water. Using toothpicks to hold the sweet potato half way in the glass.

    Any sprouts should be on the side of or on top of the potato. It will root quickly so keep the glass full of water at all times.

    When the vines are about 12" long cut out the sprout and plant. I plant about late April and dig them up in October before last freeze. I hope this helps.

  8. Nice list MrsP! The Brandywine tomato is a great tasting slicing tomato. I think you will like it for eating fresh.

    The first year that I grew from seed I bought one of those kits too.

  9. I'm wondering too how big your garden is. Did you take any pics last year? Will it be the same size?

    I'm just starting to get a garden going again. We did Romas last year and just used the first frozen ones yesterday. They made a lovely sauce. We planted someof a friends pumpkins seeds which grew into butternut squash. Only one of those left now. Great soup!!

    When we first moved here, the first garden opportunity, the kids were small and we went away every summer: last week of July, first week of August. Every year I came back to an over run garden and if there was anything to eat in it, the ground hogs from across the highway would come and harvest. I gave up eventually. Now, the kids are gone, we don't go away anymore, there's better fencing and it's likely going to go somewhat better.


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