Friday the 13th!!

For some reason I have always loved the number 13th it has been my lucky number and we even got married on the 13th! I have never really bought into the whole idea of Friday the 13th being an unlucky day. The most I do is say...ohhhh it’s Friday the 13th and that is about it. In general I am not a superstitious person. I have walked under ladders, spilt salt on the table without tossing some over my shoulder, broken mirrors. We use to have a black cat named lucky that I walked in front of all the time and I am still alive and I got sick before he was born so I cannot blame it on that either..LOL However, truth be told...lucky wasn’t so lucky and died. Well he just stopped coming home so he either found a new family or died.
Lucky 2008-2010

So in honour of Friday the 13th I am going to list 13 things that I want to do today

1. Wite my blog post
2. Make Lunch I am thinking Chicken, potatoes, peppers and mushrooms..., not sure what it will be yet
3. Take down the rest of the Christmas decorations (I know I know but they are almost all down)
4. Clean the kitchen
5. Put laundry away
6. Finish my paper pieced union jack for the Bee Creative 2012 bee
7. Change out of my new P.js...They are so nice and snugly though!
8. Cut out 5” squares on my Go!
9. Do dishes
10. Go for a walk
11. Tidy craft room
12. Make a snack for supper
13. Start planning my Valentine’s Day themed mini quilt
14. Write an extra task to do for good luck since it is Friday the 13th...LOL

So there you go a whole post about nothing!!

Take Care,


  1. I always look at Friday the 13th as a lucky day! I too like the number 13. It is my second favorite number.

    It sounds like you have a busy day ahead of you!

  2. I used to have a black cat just like that. Her name was Kitty Wayne (long story). She was the sweetest thing ever - not at all unlucky! I still miss her. I hope your 13th is great!

  3. I don't feel like doing a thing! I've had the nibbles all day today..I feel tired just thinking about work :o( I usually feel good on a Friday 13th..I used to shop til I dropped on that day...even if I had money today I wouldn''t even try to shop..:o( I must have gotten old while I slept ,not to want to even shop :o(

  4. Poor Lucky wasn't too lucky! I don't worry about the 13th either. Hope you got your list all done!

  5. You would love my house... ready we live on 13th Ave and EVERY room in my house is something x13! No really!! When the last guy came to do an appraisal for our house (you know they go around measure each room, draw a rough plan of your house) I told him this and he laughed it off...until he was finished!! He looked at me and said "you weren't kidding! Someone must have had a great sence of humor when they built this house!!" I don't know if this is funnier than the fact that my Honeyman is a fireman and we live at 911 or if the house is 13 13 13!! LOL We are nuts!!


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