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It was a busy week in my kitchen since we were actually home most of the week. I would much rather eat at home then be in the city for doctors appointments and eating out.

I am pleased to report that I actually stayed pretty close to my menu plan that I shared last week.. The only change was I replace the manicotti with a stir fry since we were out of ground beef! It’s been almost two years since we last butchered a beef and our supply is getting dangerously low. I am going to have to put the bug in the in laws ears that they need to butcher another one and soon.

I am not pleased to report that I didn’t take one picture of any of our meals over the week. I would always think about it after the I guess that means that the food was so good that there wasn’t time to take a picture before we ate! At least that is what I am going to go with!

The only item that was not very good was the kohlrabi, pepper, mushroom medley I made to accompany our schnitzel on Tuesday. The kohlrabi was from the garden and even though I cooked it and then fried it the taste wasn’t something I loved. It was okay, but I didn’t work the way I wanted it too. I better find a better way to use it since I have A LOT more bags of it in the freezer.

Last week menu plan was inspired by recipes from my Betty Crocker cook book that I tweaked here and there. This week’s I am going to get inspiration from Gordon Ramsay’s World Kitchen Cook book

Thursday Chicken and chorizo Paella
Friday pork stir fry with veggies and noodles
Saturday Chicken wings and fries
Sunday BBQ Ribs (weather permitting) Otherwise Greek ribs in the oven, baked potato, cauliflower
Monday red braised pork flank
Tuesday chicken pot pie
Wednesday Steak with beer and onion gravy

This week I shall try and remember to take pictures!!

Make sure you head over to our hostesses blog The Gardener of Eden and check out what is going on in her kitchen as well as other kitchens around the world!

take care


  1. MP, I like Kohlrabi with cheese sauce. Haven't grown it in years but I just sliced it and boiled it then made cheese sauce for it.

    How about sharing the recipe for Chicken and Chorizo Paella?

  2. I don't think I've ever even SEEN a kohrabi!

  3. Wilderness- I am going to have to give that a try. I will post the recipe for you

  4. I am no help with the kohlrabi. I haven't found a good way to cook it either.

    Congrats for staying pretty much with your plan! I should do that since I am very hungry and have no idea what I am going to make for dinner!

  5. I usually use the kohlrabi in a stir fry. Or fresh as some kind of slaw or in a salad. I don't think I've used it any other way.

  6. You know some days I think I should blog about what I am cooking and then my dish is almost gone before I think about taking a pic!! LOL I feel ya! when it comes time to dinner around here my kids just want food on the table!!

  7. I make chicken & chorizo paella all the time - love it. Regarding the kohlrabi I have seen recipes for fritters that look interesting - I have to say I don't tend to grow it because I dont really like it much....

  8. Hmmmm.......I don't know what kohlrabi is and not too sure I would pronounce it correctly. haha B. cooks a lot for us and the food he prepares is usually very hot. Yikes!! Sometimes in fear I just eat a pb sandwich.

  9. I've read that kohlrabi is similar in taste and texture to broccoli stems, so thought I'd suggest something I love to do with broccoli and its stems.
    Prepare the veg and put into a microwaveable and oven proof dish. Sprinkle dried herbs over top. Put in a few small knobs of creme fraiche or cream cheese (optional), and pour milk over everything. Sprinkle grated cheese over the top and pop into the microwave. Cook on high until cheese melted and veg has started to soften then pop into over to brown the cheese and finish off the veg. Yum :)

  10. Saute some shallots, garlic and 1 - 2 slices fresh ginger, add thawed kohlrabi, saute until cooked but still crunchy, salt and pepper to taste. You can also add it to soup.

  11. Liz- have tried making fries out of it before...didn't work out too

    Norma-that sounds really tasty! I am going to have to give that a try


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