Well it is Monday yet again it seems like just a few days ago I was complaining that the week-ends always go too fast....lol

My week-end was pretty good. On Saturday night we joined my parents for a night at the symphony. It was their POP series and joining the symphony was The Classical Mystery Tour- A tribute to The Beatles! It was quite the treat to listen to the band along with the symphony. The played about 30 of the Beatles songs in full character and they were all spot on.  It was like a rock concert with people singing along and even dancing by the end. I must say it was one of the best symphony performances I have been to.

Sunday was okay this silly pinched nerve in my shoulder was acting up again which leaves me dizzy, stuffy, in pain and to top it all off a lovely migraine. Before things got too bad I was able to get my snowball for the Sew happy quilt QAL finished as well as three of my blocks for my table runner. They aren’t perfect, but I am happy with them. My shoulder however did not like them and decided to spend the rest of the evening up by my ear and my face was stuck in semi permanent spasm that made me look like a monster..But at least I got some sewing done..

Today is not much better. The migraine and shoulder/face pain is still pretty intense, but I will try and manage the best that I can. Maybe if I go online to The Fat Quarter Shop some fabric therapy will ease my pain...LOL

Take Care,


  1. The work is beautiful, you need to see a Dr about that condition..

  2. I sure hope you feel better soon. I am sorry to hear about your muscle spasms... may need to go see a dr soon if it doesn't quit. Hugs to you! Your blocks turned out nicely though :)

  3. I hope you are feeling better by now, that has to be awful! Did you get some fabric therapy to ease the pain????

  4. Oh, fabric therapy is the best! (well that and a bottle of wine, or Guiness, and a nice hot bath! LOL) Oh, love the yellow flowery material!

  5. Oh my! I hope your feeling better soon. Migraines are not fun at all.

    I don't have migraines much anymore but I can usually sleep it off.

    I love the yellow block. Nice job!!


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