Chilly beans

Wow where has this month gone! It seems like just yesterday it was Christmas and now here we are in the middle of January! Last night we hit -54C with the wind-chill according to our phones which meant that Zada got to stay inside to sleep for the 3rd night in a row. What a lucky dog. The cats on the other hand still had to sleep outside in the garage. They have an insulated house and there are 4 of them so I am sure it wasn’t too bad, but still chilly. They are outside cats so it wasn’t an option to bring them inside the house. Plus a 50lbs dog and 4 cats in the small porch would have been interesting to say the least! It’s not that they don’t like each other they all do, but the cats like the dog too much. So they want to play with her and cuddle with her until she gets pissed off and nips at

Right now we are currently in a weather warning for extreme wind-chill. It is -33C, but with the wind-chill it feels like -46Celcius. For those of you that deal in Fahrenheit it is -50.8F. Booo to cold weather! It’s not bad when you just have to stay in the house all day, but Mr. Pickles has to do chores at the farm so he is out in the cold weather for the whole morning. We then have to go to the city, because I have a dentist appointment. I am not looking forward to getting fillings, but this should be my last appointment so that makes things a bit better.

Today I was hoping to show off my table runner for WIP Wednesday, however, Mr. Pickles decided that he was going to tidy up some of the kitchen  cupboards and storage room. This means that I have to stand there and answer questions until I just end up doing it all myself...LOL So now sewing got done yesterday. I did however get around to bagging my beans. It took me a whole hour to get it done, but I think we will actually use them now that I have sorted them into ready to use bags.

This is all that I ended up with all of this

Chickpea and pinto bean mix for Vegetable Minestrone soup
Split peas for split pea soup (I actually found pork hocks in town yesterday)
Kidney, pinto and yellow pea for Mixed Bean Soup and Pasta Fagioli
Kidney beans for Chilli
Chickpeas and yellow peas for Tuscan bean soup
Whole yellow peas for pea soup
Chickpeas for Hummus

I divided everything up into two bags one for my parents and one for us so now we just have to use them and this will be time well spent. We didn’t have to pay anything for the beans, so they should help to make some inexpensive meals.

I hope everyone is staying warm today!


  1. Well a great big Br-r-r-r to your windchill! None of that chill has made it down to Wisconsin this year. Tonight is suppose to be -9 degrees F, but then warm up again. I don't mis it! Bean soup sounds good right now!

  2. Oh my! I have never ever experienced weather like that! Stay warm!

  3. It's cold in NC also, but with the Sun shinning it's not too bad at all..hubby took some of the grit off my pans after I gave him a few hints :o)..I think he likes it outside regardless of the weather ...I'm still busy at the loom..

  4. Brrrr. We have had a couple of cold snaps but not even under 0F yet. We usually do but barely as we are in zone 6b now.

  5. Stay warm, that is really cold weather! Ours is cold but nothing like that and fortunately I don't have to go out....just keeping the wood stove going. Glad you found some recipes for your beans!

  6. I thougth about you yesterday (actually the night before) when I put my beans to soak for ham and bean soup! And mmmm it simmered on the stove all day yesterday and it is SSOOOOO yummy! (even though i am not a huge hm fan I do love bean soup!!) Cook soup and try to stay warm!!

  7. Oh goodness! And here I am complaining about being cold when it's been 10-20 Fahrenheit. Thanks for the perspective!

  8. Brrr! I think you need to cook a few of those beans to warm things up around there.

  9. dr.momi- It sure was a cold one yesterday. Today there is still a windchill warning, but at least the sun in shining!

    Jody-You are right nothing warms you up more on a cold day then a good soup..and well maybe a fire :P


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