Last night we went into the city for supper and a few card games at my parents. The meal was very yummy and although I didn’t win at golf yet again I did win one other game so the night wasn’t too bad either..LOL

During the games I noticed snow blowing off the roof, I didn’t think anything of it since I could hear that it was windy and just assumed there was still some snow on the roof. However, a couple of hours later when Mr. Pickles went out to start the truck we were all surprised with a little snow storm going on outside and at least an inch of snow on the ground. (2inches on the truck)

Since this isn’t the first time we have seen snow we figured it wouldn’t be that bad on the streets, however we were wrong! A lot had come down in a short amount of time and the city road crews hadn’t been out yet. This left you guessing as to where the curbs were and left only one lane open on the road. This was the first time that we have driven the new (to us) truck in snow and right away Mr. Pickles couldn’t see since the wiper wasn’t clearing the snow in front of him.  We drove slowly until we hit the closest mall where we stopped and cleaned the wiper. After that was done we pulled out and stopped at the red light. When it turned green Mr. Pickles looked right to make sure no one was going to run the red and then when we looked left some doorknob ran the red....the light had been red for at least 1min and the bugger ran it...and fast so if we hadn’t have stopped I don’t think I would be typing this today! So that kind of set the tone for the rest of the trip though the city. It took us another 20mins to get though the city and we had to drive like people were trying to kill us...because that is what it felt like. Everyone was  driving like it was summer when in reality we had to push snow with our vehicles just to get where we were going.

When we finally hit the city limits things got worse. It went from reduced visibility to a total white out. We wouldn’t have been able to see any oncoming traffic if we were to try and go back into the city so we just had to keep going and praying that we stayed on the road and that the vehicles in front of us didn’t drive like idiots. We had to use the rumble strips to gauge where we were on the road and it is quite discomforting to know there are vehicles in front of you, but you can’t see their taillights. So we proceeded down the highway doing 60kph and trying our best not to totally freak out. At one point where we have to go over a slippery bridge some $%^& decided to pass everyone in the left lane, which was full of snow drifts. This makes the whiteout even worse. The guy in front of us kept hitting the breaks so as soon as there was a turn off for a grid road we took it. It added about 30mins onto our trip home, but we didn’t have anyone in front or behind us so it was less stressful in the end.  After an hour and a half we made it home in on piece. The normal trip home is 30mins.

So today I am thankful for a truck that has 4x4 since we need new tires on it and without 4x4 there is no way we would have made it out of the city! I am thankful for a husband who is a great driver and got us home safely. I am also thankful to God for answering my prayer not to let anyone kill us on the way home!!

Here are just a few pictures of the snow in the front yard...nothing much by Saskatchewan standards, but about twice as much as we had yesterday. We are also heading in to a deep freeze with night time lows of -35 WITHOUT the wind-chill!!!


  1. -35! Holy COW! We have some snow today too.. but I don't think we'll be getting that cold. Glad you made it home okay... Stay warm and enjoy some Hot Chocolate. :)

  2. HI Mrs. Pickles,
    It is nice to meet you- I live in Edmonton and we got snow last nite too- it was the first of any amount since before Christmas. They say that the cold is coming here too but we feel fortunate to have had such mild weather for the last couple of months.
    I will look forward to reading more of your adventures- quilting and otherwise.
    Glad to hear that you arrived safely home.
    Regards from Alberta,

  3. So glad you made it home safely! People just drive me insane thinking they are invincible behind the wheel of a vehicle (like your red light runner!). I have known a few people who found out the hard way that they were not. Better safe than sorry is my motto!

  4. And there was me thinking it was cold here this morning with minus five.
    Glad you got home safely, there are some nutters out on the road in the snow, who seem to think they are invincible.

  5. glad you are safe! Welcome winter! I hate that first snow storm (we got that last Tuesday, 5 inches) People are so used to 'normal' driving and all caution is thrown out the window! #?*!

  6. Glad you got home ok. Driving snow and rain, two conditions that always seem to bring out the a-holes and idiots.

  7. Sound like a complete adventure. Glad you got home safe!


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