Thursdays Kitchen Cupboard

Well I totally forgot about this post today and now am kicking myself that I didn’t post my kitchen gadgets today...LOL

We need groceries in our house and have been putting it off for awhile so the food has been slim pickings. We are now just left with steak in the freezer...or two year old beef roasts. Luckily we will be going to Costco later today and stocking up the fridge and depleting our bank account.
Here is a recipe that I tried for the first time last week. It stunk up the house, but it was pretty darn tasty.

Balsamic pork chops with wild rice
2 pork chops, no bone seasoned
2tbsp olive Oil
1/2c balsamic vinegar
3tbsp brown sugar
2tbsp mustard
1small onion, chopped
1tbsp butter
Cooked wild rice

If using double pork chops, slice in half for faster cooking time

Add oil to pan and bring to high heat. Add the pork and brown on both sides. Remove from pan
Add in onions and butter to pan and cook for 3-4 mins until tender. Add balsamic vinegar, sugar and mustard and simmer until mixture has cooked down. Add the pork and cook for another 10mins or until cooked through.

Serve on top of wild rice

I think it turned out pretty darn yummy. We did have asparagus with it as well, just didn’t make the pictures!
Thank you to Robin over at The Gardenerof Eden for hosting Thursdays Kitchen cupboard. Make sure you go over there and check out her site!


  1. Oh boy Mrs P, this is a good one! I bet this would also make a great marinade for a small pork roast!

  2. That sounds so delicious. And it is a recipe I can actually eat. I'll have to try it.

  3. hhmmmm we bought a whole pig last fall and the only thing I have left are a bajillion pork chops (oh and dham steaks)! Always looking for another chop recipe! Thanks!


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